UNHCR Forced Migration Event @Advocates_Soc in Toronto

There is little understanding in Canada of the forced displacement situation in the North of Central America (NCA). In 2016, forced displacement increased significantly from this region due to high levels of violence displacing over 200,000 NCA nationals and affecting neighboring countries, as well as Canada and the US. Based on past regional cooperation mechanisms, countries agreed to work together to address root causes and find durable solutions especially for vulnerable population, such as women, children and sexual minorities. It is therefore important for the Canadian government and public to appreciate deeply the violence and human rights situation that is causing this forced displacement for an adequate response to UNHCR persons of concern.

The Breakfast Meeting on Monday, June 18th (9-11am) is but one stop on the NCA Delegation’s visit to Canada from June 17-21.

The NCA delegation consists of the following individuals:

  • Raquel Caballero – Human Rights Ombudsperson
  • Claudia Samayoa – General Coordinator of the UNDEFEGUA in Guatemala
  • Isis Sauceda – Director of the Inter Institutional Commission for the Protection of People Displaced by Violence in Honduras
  • Antonia Rodriguez Miramon Castillo – Director of the Fundacion Casa Alianza Mexico