ABA Legal Summit of the Americas in Chicago

The CHBA was very proud to have worked with the ABA’s Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights & Responsibilities’ on an inaugural “Legal Summit of the Americas“, which took place on June 19 and 20, 2019 in Chicago.

The purpose of the Summit was to highlight and discuss transnational legal issues affecting Hispanic communities across North America. The primary areas of focus for this year’s Summit were immigration, business, trade, and the environment.

The Business/Trade panel looked at the recent USMCA and what it means for specific sectors of the North American economy, including tourism, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, and the automobile industry. The panel also looked at regulatory trends and labour standards within these industries.

Moderator: Victor M. Marquez – CRK Law (San Francisco, CA)

Confirmed panelists:

The Environmental panel looked at the future of the Paris Agreement and other international efforts to address climate change, the relaxation of environmental regulations in the U.S., the use of indigenous partnerships for economic growth in Canada, and the tension between economic development and environmental preservation in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. The panel also provided an overview of regulatory trends and provide an update on existing cap-and-trade systems.

Moderator: Michelle Gallardo, ABC7 News (Chicago, IL)

Confirmed panelists:

The Immigration panel looked at some of the current issues in immigration in North America, including the future of DACA/TPS, the situation of repatriated individuals in Central America, the Safe Third Country Agreement in Canada, and the future of points-based immigration systems and professional immigration.

Moderator: Rudy Monterrosa – Monterrosa Law Group, LLC (South Bend, IN)

Confirmed panelists:

There were also remarks from the ABA President (Bob Carlson), the Consul General of Canada in Chicago (John Cruickshank), and Thomas A. Saenz of the Mexican Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF).

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