Internationally Trained Lawyers Skills’ Alignment Event

The 2019 Internationally Trained Lawyers Network Series includes:

1. Internationally Trained Lawyers’ Skills Alignment (Mar. 7)
2. Surviving the NCA Process: Tips for a Growing Breed of Global Minded Lawyer
3. Certifications, Licenses and Permits
4. End of Year Networking Event

On March 7, 2019, the OBA hosted the Internationally Trained Lawyers’ Skills Alignment event, which looked at aligning the skills of internationally trained lawyers’ skills with local legal jobs markets.

An experienced panel was brought together by the Internationally Trained Lawyers’ Network of the South Asian Bar Association (SABA), Arab Canadian Lawyers Association (ACLA), Hellenic Canadian Lawyers Association (HCLA), Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL) and the Canadian Hispanic Bar Association (CHBA).

The ITLs Network of the Associations want to thank the collaboration of: